The Widest Wide-Bore in the Industry

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality.


brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system – patient accessibility, workflow, and clinical capabilities all covered by Hitachi’s industry leading customer support.

  • The widest patient opening (74cm) of any 1.5T MR system
  • Workflow efficiencies at each stage of the exam with Hitachi’s Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT)
  • High quality, whole body imaging applications that matter most to your practice


 WIT:Workflow Integrated Technology will improve the examination environment with more practicality and usability. 

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WIT Mobile Table

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WIT RF Coil System WIT Monitor

WIT Mobile Table

The table can be attached to and detached from the gantry. By placing and switching patients who have difficulty walking, on the table outside the examination room, this will also reduce the risk of the belongings of the helper being absorbed by the magnets. The table can be connected to the gantry easily even in an oblique approach towards it.
The expanded tabletop to match the large diameter OVAL Patient Bore gives the examination zone a wide space which helps ease the stress felt by those patients who do not like a confined space. Furthermore, shoulders and knees which are in off-center regions can be imaged in the center of the magnetic field producing high-quality images.

WIT RF Coil System

ECHELON OVAL is mounted with the WIT RF coil system, which has realized both a high-sensitivity receiver coil and workflow. The spine coil, which is cable-less, fits into the tabletop, can be easily attached to and detached from the tabletop. The back side can be wrapped around using the Torso coil making abdominal imaging highly sensitive.

WIT Monitor

The front of the gantry is mounted with a monitor that can display various types of information of the patient including the pulse wave, ECG waves, and respiratory waves. In addition, information such as patient name, weight, setting of imaging posture and connected coils can be confirmed, which can also be edited on the spot.


Echelon Oval

Echelon oval Mod